Friday, September 21, 2012

I don't think this is what they mean by "Expanding Vocabulary".

This week in third grade brought an unanticipated milestone. That's not to say the milestone itself was unanticipated, rather the timing was a great big question mark. We all know it has to happen sometime, right? Girl child came home from school with a brand new word- the notorious F-bomb.

I have third-grader quality details of how the word actually came up during the course of a normal school day. Anyone with any experience having, or being, a child knows that the reliability of information can be sketchy. Plus, heaven knows I don't want to incriminate the poor kid who feels the need for attention by acting out with an "advanced" vocabulary.
I just mostly feel pretty sad about it.

... and grateful that Girl made it all the way to age 8 1/2 before even hearing it.
... and amazed that she didn't first hear it from me!

In the eternal race between 'civility' and 'Jersey', 'civility' takes a momentary lead! 

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