Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ladies with power swords

The other day, I took the children into the small scrub oak grove that clutters the side of my property in hunt of fire kindling. The wind normally sweeps down an adequate number of ailing twigs so that we can spark a few of our fires each year from our pickings. It was a fair day, but snow and cold were in the forecast.

As we walked into the overgrown grove, Abi ran into the house to fetch a critical tool. She returned with her Hannah Montana umbrella.

"Abi, what are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm bringing my power sword!" she responded, opening her umbrella, and pulling it over her head.

"Do you mean PARASOL?"

"NO. It is my POWER SWORD!!"

She later told me she heard that from the opening number to the Musical Ragtime. The lyrics in the prologue state, "ladies with parasols, fellows with tennis balls," but really I could hardly argue with the child. Seems much smarter to me to take a power sword into the woods rather than a parasol.

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