Sunday, July 12, 2009

some deity hates me

it came from the toy riddled side of the family room, and, smelling my fear, quite casually made its way towards my kitchen. i overcame my terror enough to smack it relatively immobile... except for the mandibles... which never stopped moving as long as it laid on my carpet. why do these things come out while my husband is away? this is one of the primary reasons i HAVE a husband. i need to return to my weeping now.


  1. Hahaha! One of the main reasons I have a husband is to take care of the mice that appear in our house. I never knew this until one showed up in our tub when he was out of town.

    I'm glad you're safe. Let me know which deity has it in for you and I'll make sure I change my religion appropriately.

  2. Holy crap! What is that thing? I think you need to be wondering what DEMON has it in for you!

  3. it appears my little friend is a member of the Order Solifugae, of the class Arachnida. in other words... neither spider nor scorpion, but a quick, aggressive little Arachnid.

    the good news: they're not venomous
    the bad news: it was still in my family room.

  4. You know, after I saw this on your facebook page, I swear I lie thrashing about in bed thinking about it. "Maybe it was a scorpion! How many legs did it have? But wait, it didn't have the tail." I mulled this over a good long while before forcing myself to think other more pleasant bedtime thoughts.

    But at least you answered my question. How did you find out? I never knew an arachnid might not also be a spider. [shudder]

    The world is full of monstrosities!

  5. Weird. It wasn't a spider? Is that actually 10 legs I see in the picture? Creepy and just plain wrong. I was OK with the concept of it being a spider (my weakness is cute fuzzy terrifying mice), but now that I know it was some half-breed spider/scorpion, I'm terrified. Such insects and/or arachnids should not be in Colorado. Don't they know it's too dry here for yucky bugs? It's one of the main reasons it's such a great place to live!

  6. hol- another colorado dwelling friend of mine saw my post on facebook and told me about these "sunspiders" or "wind scorpions", and the research began... i could only research in small spurts without jumping around my kitchen with crawling skin.

    niff- i'm with you... i was all kinds of comfortable with the lack of creepy things in colorado until now. now i have the name of a good exterminator. technically, the two front "legs" are appendages called pedipalps... which means they're part legs, part mandibles, and part antennae.

    that's as far as my research could go before i considered throwing up.