Saturday, October 9, 2010

battling epidemy one hug at a time

Well, school is back in session and cold and flu season is upon us. The children have had their flu vaccinations for the year, so we're all so pleased that there are some strains of something that won't make us as sick as they otherwise could.

Meanwhile, just over a week ago I was informed by a parent at school that her son (in my daughter's class) just returned to school after a bout of walking Pneumonia. Poor kid.

Most of the other kids seem pretty healthy otherwise. Except for one. Abi has been telling me for over a week how someone who sits right next to her has been out for days. She was excited to finally hear news of her friend.

"I found out my friend will be back in school on Monday, Mommy!" I was told early this morning. "I think they said she had the same sick that (the walking Pneumonia child) had."

"You're kidding!?" I said. Visions of a class wide epidemic were dancing in my head. I tried to keep my calm. Chances are Abi won't have been exposed. "Well... Abi, what symptoms did your friend have before she left school sick?"

"Not much," she said. "She was just really cold... so I had to hug her to keep her warm."


We had flu shots.


  1. Ah the perils of having a simply wonderful daughter!

  2. Now that might actually be a good reason to ban hugging in schools. I hope you can keep the whole family healthy!

  3. AWW! Kids ar so sweet and mean well, huh?