Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Valentine for Mommy

My darling secret admirer. My dear dear lover from afar. I never ever knew...

I uncovered you today, as I found the envelope that had gone too long overlooked sitting on the table in my foyer. The beautiful decorations on the outer folds drew me in- rich pink roses, sunset hued carnations, bold yellow gerbera daisies.

A treat! A Valentine's Day treat just for me!!

As I opened your envelope, my heart jumped at the beautiful, generous gifts you sent to me. I beamed at the glorious word before me... one of the most beautiful words I have ever read.


Free Butter Quarters- Salted OR Unsalted!
Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!
Free Nestle Chocolate Chip Morsels (11-12 whole ounces)!
Free Hellman's or Best Foods Mayonnaise!

... not to mention the full $11 of savings in additional coupons!

Russ Dispense, you have become more to me than simply the President of King Soopers, a subsidiary of The Kroger Company. You have played to my needs, to my wants, and charmed this disenchanted matron with your well placed affections.

"We hope these extra savings make it easier for you to treat yourself to even more of what you like."

Oh, Russ... I would like that too. You are so thoughtful!

You might have succeeding in making this my best Valentine's Day ever! You will forgive me, my dear, won't you, that I didn't pick anything up for you???

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