Friday, January 29, 2010

By the light of the wolf moon

How about that big fat torch lighting up the January sky tonight?! It has drawn me back here to my doodley writing like a porch light draws a weary traveler in through a dark and lonely wood. It is a brilliant sight.

I have to admit that I've resisted 2010. Many of my friends were happy to see 2009 pass into history. I, on the other hand, was indifferent to the year change until it actually happened. Then I was quite certain it was a mistake. We should have skipped this year. Maybe slept through it in classic Sleeping Beauty/Rip Van Winkle style, simply missing it.

There seems a greater than fair share of hardship and tribulation going on right now for so many around us. Friends are struggling to afford housing, or struggling to conquer unemployment. Some are struggling to cure their cancers, preparing for, or healing from, surgeries. There has just been an ambiance of strain since pulling out the new calendar for the coming year.

So much so that... well, I think I needed this blazing wolf moon, to remind me that even in the dark the world lights up. Like the brilliant moon, this new year hurts a little when i look directly at it. Still, there are things to celebrate, like moonbeams reflected from snow covered mountain tops, or moon shadows that stretch out across the frigid winter lawn.

Into 2010 we dive. Let's see where the full moons lead from here.


  1. Was out at dinner with the girlfriend last night when we heard the waitress asking the next table if they were there celebrating anything that night. The gentleman who appeared to be the patriarch of the party immediately said, "Life!" Lisa and I immediately locked eyes and smiled. It seems fitting in and among all the struggles that 2010 brings that we remember to celebrate just being able to be here to conquer them...

  2. Very well done. I will always celebrate coming to Colorado and meeting you.