Monday, August 31, 2009

let's dance

the quiet room yields to the music's tempo.

he hears it begin.
he turns his head to me; a broad smile creeps upon his cheeks.
realization of the moment.
determination that this time, he will get me all to himself

i wait in my chair.

he moves to me in slow motion. stumbling over his intentions, yet his advance is so calculated.
he reaches my side. there is a fire in his eyes, inescapable.
his firm, warm hand lifts mine strongly from its gentle placing upon my lap.
he adjusts his hold to a satisfying clutch.

basking in the bliss of the moment, the trust of my hand in his, he closes his eyes, throws his head back against his shoulders with a grin of victory, and tips his weight on his hips to sway unabashedly to the pulse.

my son.
my new favourite dance partner.


  1. OH MY GOD. I LOVE THIS!!! In the 30 seconds it took for me to read this, I think you single-handedly succeeded at making me hope for a boy come mid-October.

  2. This is one of my favorites but it's still not the one I'm looking for. I love it, though.