Monday, June 15, 2009


i've killed two ants and captured two moths in my kitchen today. JUST my kitchen (let's not talk about potential infestations in other parts of my household, shall we? that's a good reader...). while doing so, i was reminded of an odd occurrence that took place just prior to my last trip to Georgia.

it had been a particularly rainy week here at my colorado home. as an inhabitant of any earthly region, you likely note the behaviour of worms in such circumstances. in the east, they sprawled along sidewalks, living landmines. here, they are slightly less suicidal, but that might be only due to the reduced amount of rain we see. i don't think they get rained out nearly as frequently. let's not speculate. let's get to the meat here...

i opened my back door to let the dog outside during one of these moist, dreary days. the door is a wood frame glass slider, in desperate need of replacement (yes, todd- THIS MEANS YOU... ahem). when i slid the door closed, i saw something sitting in the track. it looked... well, almost like the root of a small sapling. dirty. swollen. i leaned closer... and sitting there in the track, wriggling slightly (no doubt damaged from being run over by mentioned glass door), was a worm.

a WORM!!
IN my house!!
how does that happen? how could that POSSIBLY happen?



  1. The nerve of outdoor things thinking that they have the right to invade your castle! The NERVE!

  2. I still don't understand how a spider can crawl up a drain-pipe and end up in my bathtub. The same bathtub I use EVERY DAY!

    I don't get all visibly freaked out by creepy crawly creatures, but I certainly don't like them. I think I handle them quite gracefully. "Ellie, there's a spider in the tub! Do you know what that means? It means Daddy needs to get out of bed and come see it." She usually responds with "Daddy! Come see itsy spider!"

    Works like a charm.

    Worms are gross.

    The grossest thing I've ever experienced was the cicada outbreak in MD a few years ago. Where you there for that? OH MY GOD! I did not think it was possible for there to be SO many bugs. It was impossible to walk anywhere. My neighbor couldn't hear me talk to him because the bugs were LOUDER than his lawn-mower. I could go on, but I'm still going to counseling for that one. I'll be ok. Really.

  3. I still can't get over the Miller Moths. My dog gets so excited when we grab the fly swatter because she knows she'll get a "treat." ((Shudder)) I hate those things. They're so creepy and fluttery and bang into things like tiny gross bats.

  4. Oh, and the worm. I'm sure it had magical powers that allowed it to enter your home. I say "had" because you squooshed those powers right out of him/her ... it.