Friday, May 29, 2009

a cephalopod moment

I really hate complaining about the sleep patterns of children. I despise it. So I won't do it. Yet, probably in reading that, you are realizing that I likely have a reason for saying it. That in itself turns that fact that I say I don't want to complain about sleep patterns into a complaint about sleep patterns.

As my lack of complaint turns itself wholly into a complaint, I must wonder if it is the content of the complaint that irritates me, or the simple matter of there being a complaint. If the former, well then I'm in the clear, for I've shared no content. If the latter, well then I've just gone and bitten myself in the tail, haven't I.

Sometimes when I get in a thought spiral, I imagine myself circling in it so tight, logarithmically, that the thought itself develops a thick, hard, shell and encases me protectively like a nautilus.


  1. So, you're saying the kids are having no problems sleeping, right? I may have read that wrong.

  2. I also hate complaining about sleep problems. On top of that, one of my biggest pet-peeves was always blaming a crying baby on "teething". Surely it can't ALWAYS be because of that!

  3. Probably one of the most annoying things about it is that whoever you complain TO is going to have the miracle solution. But it will either not be right for you or not work!

    BTW the last sentence is so eloquent I had to read it a couple of times just to savor it like a rich dessert. I'm telling you, you need to be an author.