Sunday, January 25, 2009

did you ever have one of those naps?
one of those late in the day naps that you are sure will refresh you yet you wake in some alternate universe?
an alternate universe where it's an hour before the kids go to bed, and they still need to eat and bathe, and one kid is bouncing around like tigger on speed and the other is so spent that he just sits and cries endlessly?
one of those naps where you're quite sure a quiet, calm wake-up would have served better than the bathroom-sink-torn-up-and-the-full-glass-of-water-spilled-on-the-floor-and-the-baby-peeing-all-over-the-carpet-the-moment-you-take-the-diaper-off wake-up your alternate reality seems to be actually dealing you?
one of those naps where you think surely this isn't the messy, noisy, strung out life you imagined ever having for yourself, much less waking abruptly into?
did you?
did you ever have a nap like that?
uhh... no? um... ahem... no.
no, me neither.


  1. this might be where the saying "it takes a staff to raise a child" comes in. (The village might not work as hard... :)

  2. btw, your blog is difficult to comment on sometimes, I'm not sure why but for some reason it doesn't always go through. And Dan was trying to comment a coupla days ago but ended up having to give up b/c he could never get it to work (it's difficult for wordpress bloggers to comment on blogger blogs...).

  3. What the hell? Are you telling me daddies aren't all that helpful when mommies decide to take afternoon naps. Way to burst my bubble.

  4. I know the issue on the comments. I figured out what is happening. It asks you to write the code word, right? If you push the enter key on your keyboard, the window AND your comment disappears for good. If you push the "finish" (I think that's what it says) button with your mouse then your comment is posted.

  5. Serves you right for leaving a four year old in charge after having a few too many afternoon cocktails ... see I know you.

  6. Today! I had one of those naps TODAY! Oh, I am so glad I'm not the only one.....